Being Better at What We are Doing

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:19)

With recognition of just how great and wonderful our Heavenly Father truly is …we have the opportunity to walk more closely with Him on a daily basis. As the old but encouraging hymn describes, In The Garden, we walk and we talk with Him in a spiritual way and He always hears our prayers and understands our needs.

We know we were made to have God at the very center of our lives.  This world that we live in is only temporary and it is full of empty words, promises, desires, thoughts and goals.

Here are a few suggestions for each of us to consider and determine whether or not they can be applied in each of our lives as we walk and talk with our Lord:

  • May our children have happy dispositions and may they live contented lives.
  • May our children’s cups be full and running over.
  • May our children always be of this mind … to worship God in spirit and truth … and may they serve God faithfully throughout their lives!

With regard to our own lives may we ask of our God:

  • Please help us to grow… and teach us to live lives that reflect You in all that we do.
  • Please grant wisdom and joy … give us thankful hearts and teach us, O God, to trust You in every moment!
  • Help us O God to worship today and every day … and to serve You every day of life You provide us with … and we do all of these things with our whole hearts!
  • As we quickly pass through the various seasons of our lives … may we be growing old gracefully in You … and may we hold those around us with similar infirmities and challenges of age … and may we attend to them and encourage them!

And finally:

  • May each of us look into our hearts and lives and make better choices … and make the necessary changes to live better today than we did yesterday!
  • May we live each day like we are dying!
  • May we move in every part of our lives away from evil!
  • May we stand in the light of Your holiness with humble and contrite hearts!
  • May we bow down before You with meek and quiet spirits … kneeling at Your feet in quiet worship as we behold with awe Your glory and majesty!

All of these thoughts and so many more that space does not allow at this time should remind us to always care about what You think and how You feel!

God is always ready, willing and able to do His part!  Are we?

Bill Fairchild, Jr.

PS:  How is your Bible Study coming along?

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