A Soldier Unarmed …

Sword“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:11

Every day is a new day for each and every one of us and with that new day will come opportunities to love, serve and give, but also the temptation to compromise, sin and even surrender! These thoughts are sobering, are they not?

Perhaps, we all need a wakeup call to help us realize that we are in a war that engages the forces of good and evil … every day … 24/7! If we are somehow in denial or would just rather not think about it as Scarlet chose to do in the movie Gone With The Wind, there’s a really good chance we’ve already been captured!

When the apostle Paul was encouraging, even admonishing the brethren that comprised the body of Christ in Ephesus in chapter 6, he wanted them to:

  • Remember what they were … they were soldiers in the Lord’s army who had been purchased from their slavery to sin by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Remember that the outcome of the daily confrontation with evil would make the difference between being saved or lost eternally!

Brothers and sisters in Christ … we all need to be dressed for battle every day of the week, not just on Sunday and maybe Wednesday evening!

To the reader who has not named the name of Christ, the question must be asked, “just whose side are you on, or think you are on?” May we tell you with much tenderness and conviction that the answer to this question is not to be found in any other source than the Lord and in His inspired and revealed Word. Please read John 8:32 and John 14:6.

The fact is …an unarmed soldier in the battle arena poses no threat to his enemy! It is in the same way that an unarmed soldier in the Lord’s army poses no threat to his chief enemy and to all the legions that serve and follow him!

Lord, please help us to dress ourselves every day in your armor that you have designed, approved and made available to every soldier in Your army … and then give us the strength and courage to STAND … against the wiles and schemes of the enemy on every front.

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