On Bended Knee I Come …

downloadThe simple and yet so profound privilege afforded to each of us to talk with God … through the avenue of prayer … is truly a blessing beyond words!

  • That we have the opportunity to pray to the God of Heaven is beyond our ability to comprehend!
  • That He is able to hear our every prayer (all of us) is beyond our ability to comprehend!
  • That He answers our prayers … well, you know what that means to the child of God don’t you!

Prayer involves ordinary people like you and me who bring their ordinary and not-so-ordinary concerns to a Father that is absolutely perfect in His love and compassion. We love and serve a God who truly cares about those He loves (See John 3:16; 1 Peter 5:7). There are certainly many things we can take before God’s throne in prayer through Jesus His Son … personal needs and concerns … personal forgiveness and strength … forgiveness and strength for others … mercy and grace to name a few. We can take our petitions regarding the lost … the saved … government leaders at all levels … growth in the kingdom … stability and peace among God’s people … to name a few more! We are so like our Savior when we go to our God in prayer … certainly when it comes to praying for one another (John 17; James 5:16)! When I was struggling … and I do mean struggling … through the many challenges of treatment … prayers were offered by so many so often! And I will always be thankful and more resolved to do even better in my own prayer life! Is there room for improvement in your own prayer life? You will need to be the judge of that! Right now … even this day … there are so, so many that I am praying for! There are many who are struggling with important decisions to make … many facing personal challenges … many dealing with health struggles … sickness in their families … the impending death of a loved one … the death of a loved one … and the list goes on. Right now … even this day … there are those who are experiencing the joys of having a baby in their family circle … there are those who have recently put Christ on in baptism … there are those who have been restored to a place of faithful service to God … there are those who are quietly serving the Lord with honor … and the list goes on! As the apostles observed daily the prayer life of Jesus, they were led to ask Him in Luke 11:1, 2 “Lord, teach us to pray.” And He did in Luke 11:3-4. Lord … please teach each one of us … please help each one of us … to learn how to pray more effectively every day of our lives! Amen? Amen! Bill Fairchild, Jr.

3 Responses to “On Bended Knee I Come …”

  1. Monica August 22, 2014 at 9:40 am # Reply

    Excellent words! Thank you for reminding me that prayer is a gift. I appreciate your encouragement, too.

  2. Diana Peek August 22, 2014 at 10:19 pm # Reply

    We are studying prayer in our Monday evening Ladies Classes and it is amazing what it has done for each of us already and we have just started. Thank you for your thoughts on the subject and know you are in our prayers as you go through the healing process of your illness. You are an example to all of us. We love you and Lori so dearly.

  3. Sharon Feagin August 23, 2014 at 7:22 am # Reply

    The phase near the first of the blog, “prayer…is to a Father that is perfect in His love and compassion”, gave me a stop and think moment. I could not have a better place or person to go to for comfort. Thank you for pointing this out.
    Love, Sharon

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