Using Our Literature

The objective of the literature is to help young people acquire a better understanding of, and appreciation for God, His Word, and the church He purchased with the blood of His Son.

These studies are designed to be teacher-friendly, generate class participation, and encourage personal study.

  • They are made age-specific by discussion.
  • Read aloud every Scripture.
  • Allow adequate time for students to think about and answer every question.
  • Listen to what they say.
  • Point them to God’s instructions, written and preserved for their benefit.
  • Remember, it is an awesome privilege to help young people grow closer to God!

All of our lessons are viewable and printable in Adobe Reader.  You are encouraged to use them free-of-charge in your Bible classes and home studies.

If you wish to republish them, we respectfully request that you contact us to request that permission.

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