Letting The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In You

What Jesus Christ had to say about His purpose for coming to this earth was simple and direct.  In His own words He said He came to “serve and to give “(Mark 10:45). Jesus came to do for others regardless of the cost.  He didn’t come to be in the center ring of attention or to capture all the headlines in the media.  He came to serve and to give!  It is this same kind of lifestyle that Jesus wants for each one of us.

You will find in this series of studies the truths that characterized the life and beauty of Jesus Christ.  You will be challenged and encouraged to adopt the beautiful qualities of His character and life in your own life so that these wonderful attributes can be seen in you!

Series Study Notes

The material in this series of studies is suitable for a thirteen week study under the quarterly system.

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Letting the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen in Me