About Us

My wife, Lori and I decided when our three children were very young that we had to provide shade for our children, and other young people, where they could find protection from the heat and pressures being exerted upon them to choose worldly pleasures for happiness.

I am thankful for the godly lives of my own children and their spouses…for their love for the Lord and His work…for their willingness to teach and serve in the kingdom…for their efforts to bring our grandchildren up in His Word…and for their support of this work.

I love working with young people because they are so teachable…they want their lives to count.  And for the most part, they want to do what is right.  I have listened to and talked with many young people.  This has given me a good understanding of where they are coming from and how we can help them.

I have been a gospel preacher for over 35 years and have been writing and teaching material to hundreds of young people for over 31 years.

Many of these same individuals have spoken with me in subsequent years to tell me how effective these studies were in helping them to establish their own faith and trust in God and His Word, and to remain unspotted from the world during their teenage years.

I am convinced there is a need to make this material available free of charge to all who will study it, and have left full-time preaching to devote myself to this task.

I will be developing these studies for use as Bible class curriculum, group studies and family studies.  I will also be available on a limited basis to work with teachers in presenting these and other materials to young people.

The study material on this website is being made available by the generous financial support of individuals and congregations who want to help our young people get to heaven.  Without such support, this endeavor would not be possible.  If you are interested in being part of this effort, please contact me for more information.

I seek the prayers of all who learn of this work, that God will be glorified and His Word established in its proper place in the hearts of our young people.

Bill Fairchild, Jr.