Being A Christian…What It Means

Misconceptions … these are things that create confusion, misunderstanding and wrong conclusions.  Misconceptions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ can be the most costly of all.  The Lord has been very specific about things like obedience and service.

In the very same way, many have misconceptions about holiness and about what really pleases the Lord.  For instance, having the misconception that pleasing God is all about the outward things we do without employing our heart.

The Lord has never expected more of anyone than they are able to be or do! Living and walking our faith takes courage.  We must plant the Word in our hearts and with deep resolve give the Lord our very best.  With Him on our side, each one of us can walk through this life, not perfect, but “humbly, righteously and godly.”

In this study we will look at the attitudes of the heart and the demonstration of our faith by doing what the Lord tells us about What It Means to Be a Christian.

Series Study Notes

The material in this series of studies is suitable for either a thirteen or twenty-six week study under the quarterly system.

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Being A Christian…What It Means