Building The House Of Your Life

Building The House Of Your Life

The parable of the two builders recorded in Matthew 7:24-27 and Luke 6:47-49 is a familiar story to all age groups.  It is not some sort of a feel-good story taken from some Architectural Magazine or some How-To-Build-A-House Manual!  As a matter of fact … this parable is not a guide to building a physical structure at all.  This parable is a guide from the Lord Himself on how our lives should be built on the right foundation … the foundation of Jesus Christ and His will for us!

Each of us has the privilege and opportunity to decide how we are going to live … but with that privilege comes responsibility!  We must choose whose standard we are going to base our lives upon … the Lord’s … or the world’s.

This series of studies will give us the proper perspective of what we should be doing with our lives and help us to answer the question:  what kind of builder am I?

Series Study Notes

The material in this series of studies is suitable for either a thirteen or twenty-six week study under the quarterly system.

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Building the House of Your Life