Real Happiness Comes To Those Who…

When Jesus sat down on the hillside with a group of His followers and talked about those things that really mattered in life, truths about discipleship and character, He distilled an enormous amount of truth in an incredibly brief period of time.

The people were astonished at what they heard (Matthew 7:28,29).

In Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus sets the tone for a significant message of change that both He and the Father are expecting of would-be disciples…the Beatitudes.

Each of His statements is prefaced with the term “blessed” or “happy”, and it is in the Beatitudes that Jesus identifies what brings about divine recognition.  Recognition regardless of one’s background, social standing, or educational accomplishments.

To the poor, to the mourners, to the meek, to the hungry, to the persecuted, and to the poor in heart, Jesus offers assurance that their service to God and man would not go unnoticed by Heaven.  Each of these statements if believed, accepted and practiced will help to shape both your behavior and your life, regardless of your age.

It is because of these statements from Jesus that the apostle Paul could say with such confidence in Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

In this study, you will discover the joy and happiness Jesus Christ offers each of us.

Series Study Notes

The material in this series of studies is suitable for either thirteen or twenty-six weeks of study under the quarterly system.

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Real Happiness