I Don’t Know What I Stand For Anymore …


thumbI was running an errand a few weeks ago when I turned on the radio and started listening to the music.  Suddenly a song came on with a very upbeat tempo and the harmonies were really good.  So I turned up the volume and listened!  The song that was playing was entitled “Some Nights” by a group I had never heard of named Fun.  There was one line that really captured my attention, “I don’t know what I stand for anymore.”  The song then expresses the sentiment of “what do I stand for?” Well that got me to thinking:

  • A person ought to know that he/she stands for in life!
  • A person can certainly be undecided regarding some things in life.
  • But a person who has true faith in God and in His inspired Word should not be undecided when it comes to what they stand for! Right? Right!

The apostle Paul writes with confidence in 2 Timothy 1:12, “… for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”  The apostle Paul had an unwavering faith in the God of Heaven and in His truth … not in his own feelings or emotions or those of some other person!  Paul knew exactly what he believed because what he believed came from God’s Word!

The thought occurs to me that there are a number of Christians I have known and loved who in the past knew what they stood for, but they are no longer sure!  How does this happen?  How does a faithful child of God become so uncertain about spiritual things?  To be sure, life and its challenges can test a person.  But it is God who allows us to be tested so that we can come forth pure, better servants in His Kingdom (James 1:2-5, 19-25).  The fact is people change but God’s Word never changes!

How does a person extract themselves from such doubt, uncertainty, or even apostasy?  Can a person in this unenviable situation change!  As long as there is life … there is hope, but it is hope in conforming one’s heart and life to God’s will, not our own will!  If a person goes to another person for answers … if a person decides to rely on their own emotions or feelings … THEY WILL NOT FIND THE ANSWER!  The way to move from doubt (James 1:6-8) … the way to stop vacillating  and bouncing around … the way to dismiss uncertainty is to look no further than God’s revealed will … the Book that God wrote!

Stop listening to other people and start listening to God and the truths that reside in His Word.  Found in God’s Word are THE words of eternal life!  So … do you know what you stand for?  Would you think about it?  Would you pray about it?  Will you be willing to establish your entire life on the principles of God’s Book alone?  When you do … I assure you that you can then rise up with the courage of a David facing Goliath and stand up for Truth!

Don’t allow the words of the song previously cited to define where you are in this journey of life.  Let God define where you stand!  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”(Psalm 119:105).


Bill Fairchild, Jr.


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3 Responses to “I Don’t Know What I Stand For Anymore …”

  1. Diana Peek June 4, 2014 at 9:45 am # Reply

    It is ironic that you should post this article at this time when the question “Why do I attend the church of Christ?” has been haunting me. So many use the “You think you are the only ones going to heaven” comment when if asked they will say “No, I don’t think we’re the only ones making it to heaven.” My question as with yours is why do we do the things we do if there isn’t a definite reason. As you said we have to stand for the truth and not just because I’m comfortable where I’m at. We need to look inside ourselves and be honest using God’s Word. People need to realize Christ died for His church, not man’s. We have to show what we stand for and believe it!

  2. Tina June 4, 2014 at 11:22 am # Reply

    Dad, I’m so grateful to you for writing this. I see so many who are just searching to find the answers to what they believe in, questioning things that there is no need to question because God has given us all the answers that we need. In a society that tries to tempt us with ‘beliefs’ that are ‘for us’, to ‘make us feel good’, beliefs that teach you ‘all you have to do is feel it and you are saved’, it is a refreshing reminder that yes, God’s Word is for us, and if we believe it and obey it, we will feel good and HE will save us…IF we choose to OBEY that Word and Stand Up For It! Thank you for all you do!

  3. Lloyd June 6, 2014 at 2:30 pm # Reply

    The people in Jeremiah’s day had become so apathetic in service to God that when they did sin, it didn’t bother them. Jer. 6:15. Paul warned Timothy of those who sought fables pursuing their own lists. II Tim. 4:3. As long as The Lord gives us breath we will be surrounded by men such as this. May We all “seek the old paths” according to God’s will.

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